Civ 4 earth map download

Civ 4 earth map download

Civilization IV brought about an unprecedented level of customization, easily earning the role of the most flexible and modification-friendly title in the Civilization series.

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This is great news for those of you who feel that the core game is lacking or too repetitive, as it means that user-created content can provide new life and enjoyment.

From simple modifications that alter the graphics or add a new civilization, to more complex overhauls of the entire game, Civilization IV has seen it all, and below you can find out how to download, install, and create custom content. Modpacks : These generally bundle multiple additions together from the following categories, often adding new graphics as well as changing the gameplay. Some focus on a particular timeperiod e. Ancient Rome, the Industrial Revolutionothers on the entire length of history from Stone Age to Future Agewhile others still cover a particular theme fantasy, sci-fi, etc.

Mod components : Less comprehensive that modpacks, these usually contain simple interface or gameplay changes and do not alter the core game as much. Graphic mods, new units, and new civilizations : This type of content usually modifies the interface or graphics of the game, leaving the mechanics unchanged.

Popular mods include things that alter the terrain to make it more Earth-like and ones that create a more user-friendly interface. Scenarios, maps, and map scripts : Maps are, unsurprisingly, files that allow you to play a game of Civ4 in a premade setting. The most popular ones are Earth maps that place civilizations in historically-accurate locations and mimic reality.

Scenarios are like maps, except that they contain preplaced units and cities, may have mod-like rule changes and custom content, and take place over a particular period of time.

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Map scripts, like the standard map scripts included with the game Continents, Archipelago, etc. Keep in mind when downloading mods explained in the next section the amount to which you are willing to change the game mechanics. While things like maps and map scripts will not alter the gameplay, modpacks and scenarios can change the game rules dramatically.

Experimentation to determine your personal preferences is best! All types of mods and content can be downloaded from the Civilization IV File Databasewhich organizes files by type scenario, map, mod, etc. Almost all of the files there are ZIPs, a file type that can be opened using a program like 7-Zipwhich is free. Note that mods for Civ4 without expansions are not compatible with Warlords the first expansion or Beyond the Sword the second expansion. In fact, mods are not backwards- or forwards-compatible, though they can be converted from one game to another with some work.

Also, when downloading mods, be sure that, in addition to the right game, they were created for the right patch level you can find yours out in-game by selecting Advanced and then About This Build. Nearly all mods can be installed relatively easily, without any technical work. In all three cases, open the MODS subfolder. Choose the mod from the list of mods available, and just wait for the game to restart, as it needs to load the changed game files.

If you encounter problems, read this thread to double-check your procedure. In some cases, mods will require a non-standard installation. There are various ways of modding Civ4, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below there are general descriptions of the four major ways to edit and customize Civilization 4, ordered approximately in order of increasing complexity and learning curve.

The WorldBuilder is fairly intuitive and the interface remains essentially the same as in Civ4, allowing for individuals to make quick changes or more complex scenarios. You can read more about the WorldBuilder and download a manual in this thread. Simple changes, like giving a unit more movement points or making terrain have a different food yield, can be accomplished with XML, as can more difficult things like creating new civilizations.

For more about XML and modding in general, consult this guide to Civ4. Python refers to the more powerful language that is used by the game to control many things, including the interface, advisor screens, and map generation. Python can be used to create totally new features that are not in the default game. Naturally, this is the most challenging form of modding, as it requires a more complex understanding of programming, but you can read an overview and instructions regarding the SDK on the forums.

CivFanatics maintains a very vibrant modding community that has even attracted the attention of Firaxis, with some modders having their creations released on expansion packs. Also, keep an eye out on the homepage here at CivFanatics for updates regarding recent creations! That forum serves as a great reference and contains discussion on a much deeper level. If you have any questions, the users there can provide timely answers.

Customizing Civilization IV Civilization IV brought about an unprecedented level of customization, easily earning the role of the most flexible and modification-friendly title in the Civilization series.Pre-made maps for a particular area, region, country, or continent on earth. Log in or Sign up. CivFanatics Forums. We have added a Gift Upgrades feature that allows you to gift an account upgrade to another member, just in time for the holiday season. You can see the gift option when going to the Account Upgrades screen, or on any user profile screen.

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Civ4 - Earth Maps Pre-made maps for a particular area, region, country, or continent on earth. Top Resources. Giant Earth Map - Version 6. Updated: Oct 5, Giant Earth Map - Version 4. Epic Earth Epic Earth - by jsweeney. Greece to Japan utamaroOct 9, at PM.

Downloads: 6 Updated: Oct 9, at PM. Britannia Map Bryce3Dec 14, Downloads: Updated: Dec 14, Downloads: Updated: Oct 5, Downloads: 3, Updated: Oct 5, Earth x56 20th Century ETyrell91May 8, Crusader Kings 2 x JoeyB98Jan 2, Crusader Kings x JoeyB98Apr 24, Finland 38x50 JoeyB98Feb 2, Pommel of Islam x45 JoeyB98Jan 20, Galapagos 30x25 JoeyB98Jan 7, Cuba 46x17 JoeyB98Jan 7, Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Civ 4 Earth Challenge, part 1 of 9

Description Discussions 0 Comments 0. Description Discussions Comments. Add to Collection. This item has been added to your Favorites. A collection of 22 items created by. Off-Suit Nines. RFormica Offline. This is a collection of mods that add maps to Civilization 6.

Items Created by RFormica. This mod adds Middle Earth as a playable map. All civs are playable, but fixed start positions are only available for Aldollin's Civ of the Rings. This mod requires Kantorr's Play Your Cus Play Your Custom Maps. Created by kantorr.Log in or Sign up. CivFanatics Forums.

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We have added a Gift Upgrades feature that allows you to gift an account upgrade to another member, just in time for the holiday season. You can see the gift option when going to the Account Upgrades screen, or on any user profile screen. Civilization VI Downloads Civ6 downloads. Top Resources. Updated: Mar 17, Trade Routes Guide Guide to traders, trade routes, and other related information.

Updated: Nov 10, Housing Guide Housing Guide - by Browd.

Civilization IV: Downloads

Updated: Oct 30, Production Queue Add a production queue to city production management - by Lozenged. Updated: Feb 16, Updated: Feb 26, Quo's Combined Tweaks Combines various tweaks from the "Quo's" series into one package. Moar Units Mod Adds 10 general units and 2 additional unique units for each Civilization. Updated: Oct 27, Updated: Aug 15, Updated: Mar 15, View All Featured Resources.

SeelingCatOct 25, All files are included in. Chinese AmericanOct 27, Production Queue Add a production queue to city production management.

civ 4 earth map download

LozengedNov 10, TSL Earth Remastered 2. Downloads: 20, Updated: Oct 10, at PM. Downloads: 5 Updated: Oct 9, at AM. Downloads: 4 Updated: Oct 9, at AM.This is the official Earth map for Civilization IV.

The award-winning civs variant hit 80, downloads recently, and was mentioned in a article on PC Gamer UK. Instead, it is similar in some ways to Rhye's Civ3 Earth which you can find in the Civ3 section of this siteexcept for being more detailed in some areas such as the Pacificand for being smaller.

Civilization IV maps are in fact usually smaller due to the transition to 3D. This map is no exception, being x68, that is squares compared to Rhye's of Civilization Earth, that was x diamonds, that is an area of diamonds. The making-of During the creation of this map, the key goals were: - an adequate level of detail - an adequate speed - an adequate playability This heavily depends on the projection used. Now then, there's no good or bad projection. They're just different representations of a sphere into a plan.

But one can be more suitable than another for the purpose of a Civ map that suffers giga sizes and has a lot of civs in a small area Europe and Middle East.

So, as RoC Earth, this map is based on Robinson projection. As it isn't a rectangle, it must be cut. The parts left out are just a slice of ocean there's plenty of ocean anywayparts of Alaska and Greenland, and the poles CIV maps feature ice caps, so it's ok.

Civilization IV official Earth map

New Zealand was re-added later. It fulfills the goals much more than the well known Miller's: Further improvements include the connection between Alaska and the eastern tip of Asia obtained stretching the 4 cornersshrinking the oceans size, and enlarging Japan and England for gameplay reasons.

You won't find horses in America, or sugar in Europe. So, in the end, making a map better than this is a very hard task. Downloads BACK.Log in or Sign up. CivFanatics Forums. We have added a Gift Upgrades feature that allows you to gift an account upgrade to another member, just in time for the holiday season.

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You can see the gift option when going to the Account Upgrades screen, or on any user profile screen. Civ4 - Pre-made Maps Share the maps you made. Show Ignored Content. Replies: Views:Gedvik Jun 9, ThunderfallFeb 4, Replies: 2 Views: 17, Liambane Nov 21, Replies: 1 Views: Bayard Aug 22, Replies: 18 Views: 8, MrCivilization Aug 12, Replies: 44 Views: 54, Andreman Jun 18, Replies: 6 Views: Replies: 0 Views: King Younk Feb 18, Arthras Jan 31, Replies: 5 Views: 6, Commwave Jan 12, Replies: 2 Views: Gressulf Dec 27, Replies: 3 Views: 5, LGWolf Dec 20, Replies: 7 Views: 4, LGWolf Dec 2, Replies: 2 Views: 5, Where do I copy the map file to in order to open it as a Custom Game rather than a custom scenario?

LGWolfJul 18, Replies: 1 Views: 1, PinkPallin Jul 29, Replies: 85 Views: 40,Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

civ 4 earth map download

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Hi, I have researched for this online to no avail. Does any kind soul know of a mod and link maybewhich allows all the civs or at least more than 18 that can be played against in their correct starting positions on a large to massive map? Would like this most on Beyond the Sword but if it had to be on regular Civ 4 or Vikings say, that'd be ok too.

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Many thanks. Last edited by Grim Rainbow ; 15 May, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. Tankerf View Profile View Posts. Good luck :. Ok, many thanks :. Maddin View Profile View Posts. There you can have 52 civs. But I'll tell you before, you shoulda get a good pc, because otherwise you'll wait long. Really long. Ah ok good to know, thanks. I remember playing Civ 2 on the original Playstation so I know what you mean by really long :D.

civ 4 earth map download

Also recomend Realism Invictus mod it is one of very few mods still being activley supported and updated. It has scenarios with it for large or huge true earth starts. An average PC will run the large map. Finishing the huge takes a 64bit sys with plenty of memory. Thanks to all replies. Just curious kennethsw, would an intel i 3. For large or huge? Thanks to for the mod recomend too.

I am running a 4 yr old Dell laptop 2. Will slow down late game but still playable. Does Realism Invictus mod start the all civs in the correct starting area or there abouts. Sounds like a lot of work.

Realism invictus has large and huge true earth scenarios already set up. Well I also like that you can set the techs to take forever and there are more techs and factionsm, I am one for long games lol. Thanks guys. I'll check all of the above mentioned. I'm a big one for long games too, I like the start and middle best. I guess that's why I want more civs, is so the end game isn't just six civs deadlocked.

civ 4 earth map download

Makes it worth playing on.