Kdh van 2005

Kdh van 2005

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Total Price calculator will estimate the total price of the vehicle s based on your shipping destination port and other preferences. Note: In some cases the total price cannot be estimated. CIF Vladivostok. Order this vehicle Within 1 Hour and Get discount! Time left: m s. Already have an account? Login is required to use "Notify me" feature. Please login or sign up. This Search condition is added to your Wish List. The Toyota Hiace is well known for having a tough, durable engine.

The Toyota Hiace is versatile; it can be used as a family vehicle as well as for commercial business. The passenger seats can be folded away to provide a large amount of luggage space.

It is used all over the world, so spare parts are easily found. Africa's favorite van, it could be said that the Toyota Hiace Van is so popular due to its reliability, availability of spare parts, and versatility—it offers a range of body sizes to suit different needs.

On average the HiAce Van is offered in standard, long, or super long variations that alter the wheelbase and overall length, in addition to the inclusion or exclusion of passenger seating.

If included, passenger seating can generally be found in a or layout. The HiAce's fifth and most recent generation of models were first sold in with a wide, long-wheelbase wagon and high-roof cabin as well as a wide super-long-wheelbase high-roof van version. The transmission choices received an update with both four-speed and five-speed manual and automatic transmissions respectively.

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Toyota KDH 200 DX - 2005

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SDB 6 RU toyota-vans-minibus,stock. SDB 6 RU stock toyota-vans-minibus.In the late s, Toyota Auto Bodya Toyota subcontracting company, led the development of the HiAce as a small van with a one-box design, similar to European ones at the time, but, according to former Toyota senior employee Akira Kawahara, something unseen in the Japanese industry. Introduced inthe HiAce was offered as a cab over pick-up, delivery van, and a stretched commuter vehicle. It was also called the HiAce Commercial in camper van configuration.

It was brought to market two years after the introduction of the Nissan Homyacquired by Nissan when they assumed operations of the Prince Motor Company.

The HiAce was available with a heater, considered a luxury item at the time. The HiAce was primarily designed as a commuter vehicle, able to transport up to 8 people. With this goal in consideration, the HiAce exterior dimensions and engine displacement were in compliance with Japanese Government regulations so as to encourage sales, and accommodate the most passengers by utilizing a cabover body style, with the engine installed underneath and between the front passengers.

It was a smaller alternative to the larger Toyota Coaster minibusand was introduced to Japan after the Volkswagen Transporterand the Chevrolet Greenbrier cabover vans. It was introduced in the same year as the much smaller Toyota MiniAcewhich was based on the Toyota Publicaa predecessor to the Toyota Corolla. This type of HiAce is a rare model these days mostly because of weather wear and rust. HiAce vans originally sold on the European market have largely been exported to Africa and to Southeast Asia where they are used as public transport vehicles.

The new HiAce of featured a longer, and more streamlined cab with single headlights. As the second generations dimensions grew, it was joined by a smaller, junior-level cabover van called the Toyota LiteAce to continue to offer dimensions closer to the first generation. In addition to the petrol enginesa 2. New for the "20—40 series" HiAce was a double-cab pick-up, super-long-wheelbase van, and a super long, high-roof Commuter.

The Commuter models can seat up to 15 passengers. For the vans, 20 series vans have short wheelbases, 30 series have long, and 40 series have super long wheelbases.

After the third generation was introduced incertain variants of the second generation continued to be manufactured for several years. A majority of the second generation models were exported from Europe and Japan to African and Asian countries after production ended and are used as public transport vehicles.

kdh van 2005

The truck's cab design was common to the bigger ToyoAce light truck, though it had different frontal styling. The truck was a completely different model than the van.

The van's model number contains various wheelbase specification information: 50 series vans have short wheelbases, 60 series have long, and 70 series have super long. The pickup trucks are in the 80 and series. While the van and Commuter were redesigned inthe pickup truck was produced until the model year, and was the last HiAce based pickup truck. Air-conditioning was offered as standard equipment on some variants from this generation onwards. The fourth generation model appeared in mid and was available in standard wheelbase and long wheelbase variants; a Grand Cabin ; standard wheelbase and long wheelbase van; long wheelbase and super long wheelbase high roof van.

The latter shares a body design with the Commuter, which is a seat minibus. A range of engines were available in the fourth-generation vehicles, ranging from 2.

Most versions are rear-wheel drivebut part time or full-time four-wheel-drive versions were sold depending on specification level and market. The base model is typically the DX. The facelifted fourth-generation HiAce was launched in May The HiAce received a facelift again during and once more in In the Philippines, the HiAce was first sold in August with a diesel engine, getting revamped in October It was revamped again in May for sale as both a business vehicle and as a family vehicle.

The HiAce was first then comes in two variants; the business-oriented seater and the family van-oriented seater. In Marchthe HiAce 3. In Septemberthe top-of-the-line 3.Search All from StockHelp Top. FOB is the price of the car in the country of origin without shipping charges and insurance to your destination. To calculate the price of the car with shipping cost and insurance, please select calculate from "Estimated Total Price".

Search by Car registration year. Please note that: Import regulation in some countries refers to the year the car was manufactured. If the manufacture year is required, please confirm with the seller.


Search by Accident Cars. The car has had major accident damage, and has NOT been repaired yet.

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Search for nearly brand new cars. It is considered as used car, but it has never been used. Since the present model of Toyota Hiace was released for sale inits nice appearance design, spacious indoor space and functional specification have been evaluated.

Its sales is so well as if it had a monopoly in the market for one-box type vans. Improvements made on Hiace in May included not only enhancements of protective facilities, such as an adaptation of illuminated entry system that turns on the front room lamp even after the doors were closed and setting up an antitheft system engine immobilizer system on all models as standard equipment, but also enhancements of convenience, such as an adaptation of speed-sensitive power door lock system, which automatically locks the doors depending on the speed.

Moreover, models with diesel engine adopted exhaust gas purification switch for the catalytic purificationallowing a manual compensate operation of the catalytic purification.

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All models are equipped with discharge headlights low beam with auto-leveling functionenhancing the visibility at nighttime as a manufacturer's option. Toyota Hiace was also the first model in Japan adopting an automatic anti-dazzle inner mirror incorporating back monitor, which supports parking by reflecting the backward image from the back camera to the display on the inner mirror when the vehicle is driven backward.

The Hiace is abundant in variation of body form; it is available in long and super long body by length, in standard and wide body by width, with standard or high roof and with standard or just low floor. All of the models use a 4-cylinder engine, 2. Please use a registered insurance company in Kenya. Please use a registered insurance company in Tanzania. If you do not have a login ID, please register for free first. Your ID and Password do not match.

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Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. Estimate the price of the vehicle s based on your destination. Note : In some cases the total price cannot be estimated. Change search options. Cars Per Page: 25 50 75 Add to Favorites. Location: Japan Nagoya.

kdh van 2005

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kdh van 2005

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